About Us

Health Remedies Natural (H.R.N.), as mentioned above, carries the burden of helping people to live healthy lives. Getting Remedies to health problems is our main goal and specifically, natural remedies at that. Our emphasis is on Natural remedies, because, the modern trend of using artificial medicine, is the main cause of most of our health problems.

We are not out to condemn artificial or orthodox methods of curing diseases because there are a number of them which are very useful e.g. The modern research systems, laboratories and diagnostic equipment as well research information are good materials.

So we thank the scientific world for how far they have brought us. We’ve all taught that the scientific method is the best and only solution, so we all joined in, but little did we know, that this train, needs to be disembarked because, it only leads to a place of no return.

Since some of us have realized and disembarked, we owe it a duty to encourage you to do same, in order to stay healthy and live long. Some people might not agree, but we believe that, though the majority knows what is happening on this giant ‘helper-destroyer’ train yet owing as usual, to man’s conservative tendencies, they need some advocacy to come out of such situations.

H.R.N. is one such advocate, making moves to help get people out of that situation; and it has taken off with a collection of natural organic food items from good sources, to assist it in achieving its main objective. So far, our main sources have been the Arab world and North Africa but we are still searching other places.

In our research, any natural product that will aid and improve the health of our people becomes our target, to help us achieve our vision. So far the following products are in the pipeline; black seed and oil, sesame seed and moringa.